The Wolf of Wall Street
Office Ambush

Paramount Studios

Evolution and Paramount joined forces with Cross Culture Marketing for an “Office Ambush” to promote the Blu-ray & Digital release of the hit film, The Wolf of Wall Street. With the help of an inside “mole,” we paraded our “Office Ambush” team to various high-profile companies throughout Los Angeles. The unsuspecting office workers were shocked when their company meetings were invaded by two dozen party animals inspired by the film, including a marching band in boxer shorts playing The Stars and Stripes Forever, Las Vegas showgirls, furries, sword swallowers, break dancers, a juggler, and French maid. Each event climaxed with confetti guns, and dancing – the office workers couldn’t help but join the party. We captured the ambush using an arsenal of hidden surveillance cameras and multiple camera crews dressed as Uncle Sam.

Our “Office Ambush” generated a buzz that rivaled the film, taking LA agencies and the internet by storm and driving home entertainment sales to new heights.

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