TV Summer Racing

Commercial Series

We worked closely with FanDuel to create this series of 3 broadcast spots. It was a blast to shoot, spanning over four days, with ten locations and 21 cast members. Many logistical challenges needed to be considered when traveling with such a large cast and crew and a large location footprint. We ultimately settled on basecamps around Los Angeles at the Redondo Beach Pier, Griffith Park Golf Course, and Los Feliz. Another creative challenge was planning the transitions, requiring movement matching from scene to scene—as we featured three locations per commercial to demonstrate the versatility of the product. Significant pre-planning and agile pivoting were required to accomplish this production. Exterior green screen setups were built that could capture talent in the same lighting scenario for multiple shots, as well as reduce the number of company moves. Our team of talented in-house editors performed all post-production including editing, finishing, and mixing providing a turn-key final product for the agency and client.
FanDuel Summer Racing Production
production still FanDuel Summer Racing Series
production still
FanDuel Summer Racing Production Still
production still

Significant pre-planning and agile pivoting was required to accomplish this production that spanned over 4 days, 10 locations, and 21 cast members.


Client: FanDuel
Production & Post: Evolution
Director: John Shepphird
Producer: Mark Shockley
Editorial: Jeremy Poindexter

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