Guitar Promo


On some projects, we face time challenges; on others, we face location or shooting challenges; on this project, we faced all three. We had only one week to assemble an entire shoot – including casting, location, and set design. On a tight budget and timeline, we had the seemingly impossible task of transforming one house into three distinct locations. Our skilled director of photography used a gimbal to give this spot a distinctive visual aesthetic. The chosen location added another layer to bring alive the client’s creative vision resulting in a flawless production. With a talented director at the helm and an experienced cast, this shoot was destined for success.

Ubisoft Rocksmith+
Ubisoft Rocksmith+ Video Shoot
Rocksmith+ Shoot Schedule

Our set design team came into play, redesigning entire areas of the house, creating multiple distinct spaces. For added aesthetic, we utilized haze, giving the space a dreamy look, which worked perfectly for this spot.

The perfect vibe worthy of the Rocksmith+ music.


Client: Ubisoft
Agency: The Refinery
Production: Evolution
Post Production: The Refinery
Director: Brett Winn
Producer: Mark Shockley

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