Series Promo

We collaborated with Netflix and the Refinery to craft an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse at the highly anticipated television event from the mind of Kid Cudi. We designed a set inspired by its theme that allowed for fast transitions between shots while shooting all content utilizing three cameras. A herculean effort given only one day had been allocated to construct, light, shoot & breakdown the set. An impressive cast featuring Kid Cudi, Vanessa Hudgens, Laura Harrier, Kenya Barris et al supported us in this endeavor.
Entergalactic Netflix
Netflix Entergalactic
Kid Cudi Entergalactic

We created a slick yet intimate layout for various conversations between Cudi and his castmates, perfectly capturing the DNA of the show.


Client: Netflix
Agency: The Refinery
Production: Evolution
Post Production: The Refinery
Director: TJ Bowden
Producers: Mark Shockley & Jacqueline Little

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