Bird Box
Influencer Bus Experience

Netflix / MC2

To help promote the hit film Bird Box Starring Sandra Bullock, Netflix wanted to create an immersive experience to give the passenger a terrifying glimpse into the film’s dystopian setting. To do this, Netflix partnered with MC2 to build out a series of Bird Box buses, which rolled out in both Los Angeles and Austin, Texas Evolution was brought on board to design and create the numerous AV components displayed throughout the bus, giving a sense of realism and providing key plot points along the way. This included a full post-apocalyptic news cycle showing the breakdown of society, security camera feeds highlighting key story elements, and “scare” animations activated by a foot pedal to support the immersive experience. In addition to content creation, Evolution circled back and captured the stories of the participants during the activation itself, providing production assets and promotional materials for online and social channels. All in all, thousands of people were transported to the world of Bird Box, and we got people to take off their blindfolds!

Netflix Bird Box Out of Home New York
Bird Box activation
Bird Box Activation
Bird Box Expderience
Bird Box Experience
Netflix Bird Box Out of Home

All and all, thousands of people got transported to the world of Bird Box, and we definitely got people to take off their blindfolds.


Client: Netflix
Agency: MC2
Creative Director: Richard Sears
Production & Post: Evolution
Editorial and Design: Jeremy Poindexter

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